Our Platform

Prioritize Public Safety

Plano was recently ranked the third safest city in America by WalletHub. Maintaining safe and vibrant neighborhoods is integral to the success of our city and no one plays a more important role than our police and fire departments. They should have the tools and support they need to protect our homes and community.

Balance Our Budget

The city is projected to have an $11.7 million shortfall in 2021 and $7 million shortfall in 2022.

 The city should reevaluate the budget based on a post-Covid world to eliminate waste and live within it’s means without sacrificing the high-quality lifestyle amenities that our citizens enjoy and value.

Effective Tax Rates

The effective tax rate, also known as the no-new-revenue rate, is the rate necessary to generate the same amount of revenue as the previous year using the current year’s appraised values. It excludes new construction and new properties, and it adjusts for lost value.

With home assessments continuing to rise even if we kept the same tax rate Plano citizens would be paying more in taxes than last year.

Keeping the effective tax rate would lower taxes for citizens while keeping the government at the same level of funding as the previous year.

Attract New Businesses

We should have a pro-business approach that maintains and expands a diverse employment base so that Plano remains at the forefront of economic growth and development in Texas and the United States.

 We should identify and recruit businesses that will contribute to Plano’s local economy with quality employment opportunities while continuing to build upon Plano’s high standard of living. This will also facilitate further strengthening and diversification of Plano’s tax base.